Saturday, September 13, 2008

For Zipperty-doo-dah!

This is posted especially for Zipperty-doo-dah who is currently obsessed with all things crocheted! I know it's knitting...but I'm just illustrating that I can find something interesting too!


Biblio Chick said...

iuxClever little egg - pity it didn't load, but I did go into Google to have a look at it and had a good laugh. The things people do to entertain themselves! I love knitting too, but would never ever have thought of knitting a car, maybe a book or a cat or a fruit, but a car???? What about an elephant? I never ever dreamed I would spend so much time on the web, but having had to do so via these various sites we've had to look into, I must say that I am highly entertained by some of the extraordinary things people get up to. I am amazed at the sheer inventiveness of the human mind, both intelligent and dotty, but overall get the impression that a large part of it is just good clean fun. The bad stuff will always be there because there are bad people, but hey, they get their comeuppance so why worry and give them undue attention. My last two blogs are about the potential for good and evil. A bit heavy handed, I admit, but then I really do want to regain paradise for those I love and will eventually have to leave behind!!!

Biblio Chick said...

This is the second time a gremlin has crept in at the beginning of a comment. Why?

Another question!

When one reads a comment from someone, does one always have to go out of one's own blog to reply, because when I replied to Bill's in the block provided, it wound up on my own blog, so had to cancel it and go into his to comment!

Seems a bit laborious, or have I missed something? Probably, but please provide a bit of enlightenment on the subjects mentioned!

Thank you!

Aunty of 3 said...

The comment will be posted on whomever's blog you are in at the time ie: if you are reading this you are in my blog and reading comments under one of my entries. If you post a comment it will appear under this entry in my blog. It isn't like e-mail where it will go back to the person that you are responding to.

Zipperty-doo-dah said...

You may have noticed that I haven't commented on your blog for a while. It is of course because I've been crocheting a house - to try and out do the knitted ferrari! Actually I've been in Chch and the only crocheting I've done are peggy squares for the citrus coloured blanket that I'm working on. Perhaps I could start crocheting things for a forthcoming wedding or would that be just a little bit obsessive?