Friday, August 29, 2008

The "Top Stop"

Wow...what an array of sites to choose from in the Web 2 Awards List!

Having always been interested in collating my family history online in some form or another, I firstly looked at a the top two genealogy sites that were listed in hope that they would inspire me to start my long anticipated quest. Winning the genealogy category was My Heritage and while this appeared to deliver all a novice genealogist such as myself could hope for to get started, it lost a little credibility in my eyes when discovering the "find your celebrity look-alike" section... I'm also still very nervous about putting family information and photos etc out into cyberspace as it makes me feel very vulnerable and exposed despite the sites claims of being safe and secure, so have still not yet signed up...

The winners list made for interesting reading and I noted that both Rollyo and Technorati placed second and third respectively in their individual categories. These were two sites that I had personally found un-appealing and of little use. Perhaps I am correct in my assumption that there may be more to those sites than I discovered if they have polled so well...

Delighted to see and Flickr win their respective categories as they are two of my favourite discoveries on the Web 2 journey so far...!

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