Monday, August 25, 2008


Zoho Writer Home was totally new to me and I guess there are many benefits to having such a versatile word processing program available at your fingertips on the internet.

Opening up a spreadsheet and starting to produce a document seems very straight forward. The tool bar looks to be full of features and is user friendly, however, nothing suggests to me that this particular program offers anything more (or better) than Microsoft Word.

I'm guessing that in some working environments this platform may well be a popular and successful way of sharing information, but cannot necessarily see it as something we would find particularly useful in "Libraryland". smile

A great resource for a group of people all being able to look at the same document and make comments on it as they go to share thoughts, information or suggestions etc.

This posting was written by Auntyof3 in Zoho Writer and exported into my blog site!!


Simple Simon said...

Dear Aof3,

A certain person who shall remain nameless was enchanted by your latest Gadget cum Page Element when I showed it. The comment, (after the guffawing stopped) was"That'll set the cat amongst the proverbial." Full marks to you for Originality and Daring.

Yours in admiration.....

Aunty of 3 said...

I thought a certain someone may enjoy my latest addition! You know how I like to push the I'm quite prepared to defend myself if the fur should start to fly...

Simple Simon said...

Tsk! Tsk! Auntie. Now here am I thinking that I am corresponding with a person of such Moral Rectitude that she can oversee the upbringing of the coming Generation!

You write about "pushing the envelope" and "fur starting to fly." What will the Guardians at the Learning Team think of all this? I can only say that my Blog is as "pure as the driven snow." I intend to keep it this way, after all, standards do have to be adhered to in this day and age.

Outraged and Indignant Mother of One (Pusscat)

Simple Simon said...

Greetings dear Auntyof3,

Do you know? I have been chatting to you anonymously now for a number of weeks and i feel that I almost know you. Isn't that funny?

I have just checked into your blog and found that you haven't submitted a Post about Ex #17, the one about the Web 2.0 Awards. Don't say that I am ahead of you "by a nose" as they say!

Perhaps you have been supervising your numerous nephews and nieces....... Look forward to you getting back into harness soon.